July 2019 BEST Newsletter

Dear Readers,

There is a summery buzz around BEST these days – and for good reason! After all, as you’ll read in our newsletter, 

  • Commuter Challenge is celebrating another successful year

  • The Bicycle Valet is going full tilt (and is back at Granville Island)

  • Seniors on the Move is celebrating the 1st anniversary of the bc211 Seniors Transportation Hotline and conducting SWAN-Vision Zero audits with partners in Burnaby

  • Parkbus is transporting hikers to a bunch of popular parks in the region, and

  • WalkSide is mapping Vancouver and Surrey walking and wheelchair routes

Also in this month’s newsletter you’ll learn about the Province’s exciting new ‘Move Commute Connect’ Active Transportation Strategy and our participation in the Active Neighbourhood Canada Network.
So happy July, and happy reading everyone.